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English Martyrs Mass for Sunday 2 August


  • Mass will begin again at English Martyrs on 4th July. ARRANGEMENTS FOR PUBLIC WORSHIP 12th July 2020
  • The church is no longer open for private prayer.
  • Weekly mass will continue to be available on the website.
  • Weekly Newsletter and Father Liam says.
  • Please pass on this information to those who do not have internet access.
    Telephone Dial-a-Mass Sponsored By the Knights of St Columba 01642 130 120
    For those who cannot access Mass over the internet.
    You can now listen to Mass through your telephone at any time, from midday on Sunday until 11:59 a.m. the following Sunday.
    The cost to you is just that of a local call.
    The KSC meet the other costs of providing this facility.
    The number to call is 01642 130 120.
  • Divine Mercy Chaplet see Divine Mercy page
  • Further useful information including links to online mass and prayer sites.