RCIA Becoming a Catholic

November 2016 – Easter 2017

A COURSE FOR NEW CATHOLICS: A new Journey in Faith (RCIA) started on Monday 7th November at 7.30pm in The Priest’s House, 37, Compton Avenue.  It will run up until Easter 2017. This is a course introducing the Catholic faith and will be of interest to those wanting to be in full communion with the Catholic Church or those wanting to refresh their knowledge of the faith.  Notices with further details in both porches.
For more information, please ring the parish office 01903 242624.

A Course on Catholic Teaching

Have you ever thought that you would like to know more about what Catholics actually believe? Perhaps you have been coming to Mass with your Catholic friend or spouse and would like to know how to take the next step, or you may just be curious to know more about the Catholic faith! You may feel that you have missed out on Religious Teaching or perhaps you are returning to the practice of the faith and would like a little guidance.

Each Autumn, we begin a Course which may be of interest to you. Each Monday evening, we gather informally in the Priest’s House (round the corner from English Martyrs Church, in Compton Avenue) for a short presentation followed by discussion. This is an opportunity to hear in a very relaxed atmosphere what the church teaches on various topics and for you to ask questions.

This process is known as the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A) and involves preparation for Baptism, Confirmation and reception of First Holy Communion. Those who have already been baptised in another denomination would be prepared just for Confirmation and First Holy Communion. We have a website which complements the content of the course which means that you don’t have to take notes! www.deaneryintouch.com

There is no obligation at the end of the Course to take the final step but those who wish, would be received into full communion with the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil on the Saturday evening before Easter Sunday.

To find out more details and dates or to register an interest, please ring the Parish Office on 01903 242624. Please be prepared to leave your name and telephone number.


Fr Liam with Carlo, a catechumen who was recently baptised


Carlo’s baptism

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Father Liam and Dermot C