Worthing Churches Homeless Projects

HARVEST FESTIVAL APPEAL – Please help WCHP to restock their cupboards with any of the items below so that they are able to help the 1,000 people who turn to them each year. Coffee, Sugar, Tinned Tomatoes, Tinned vegetables, Cooking oil, Tinned fruit, Hot chocolate, Squash, Tomato Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Gravy, Chutney, Stuffing, Desserts/Puddings, Ready Meals, Biscuits, tea Towels, Sponges, Scourers/Brillo Pads, Sandwich bags, Hairbrush/Comb. Thank you so much for your continued support.

Today Worthing Churches Homeless Projects (WCHP) help over 1,000 people each year providing a range of services including two Day Care Centres and four Accommodation Projects.  Any one night there are up to fifty-eight people in their accommodation services where they work with their clients on a one to one basis to enable them to live independently once again.

Here, in English Martyrs, a list of items that WCHP needs is placed in the Newsletter each week and parishioners kindly leave their offerings in the West Porch and these are delivered every week to 5, Byron Road, Worthing where they are gratefully received.
For details of how you can help please see our newsletter or their website www.wchp.org.uk