3 April 2020


Blessed palms are available from the pergola.
Please help yourself if you are passing.

FATHER LIAM SAYS: “The Holy week ceremonies will be celebrated in the Cathedral and in all parish churches but without congregations. The Cathedral’s live YouTube channel click here.
Bishop Richard, like Pope Francis and many other bishops, have decided to postpone the Chrism Mass this year. Our Bishop will celebrate the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday at 8.00 pm. He will celebrate the Liturgy of the Passion in the Cathedral on Good Friday at 3.00 pm and the Easter Vigil begins at 8.30 pm on Holy Saturday. Many of you will be able to be part of an invisible congregation at these special liturgies. I will be celebrating in our parish church at the same times.
Sometimes it is helpful to consider these events in the reverse order and to start at the Easter Vigil. It is, after all, the new beginning. Without Easter the rest of Holy Week would have no meaning and there would be no celebration at all. This year it is very difficult to celebrate anything, but we must distinguish between our mood and our conviction. Our mood has to do with our feelings and, especially at this time, our mood is not a confident, joyful one. Our conviction, however, has to do with our faith and our hope. Because we are Christ’s family we have faith and hope in Jesus of Nazareth. We celebrate his victory over death – a victory he accomplished through death and in death. His is a hidden victory of light over darkness and of life over death. So we gather in spirit and our Easter Candle symbolises Christ’s Easter victory, which he won for us. Through his wounds we are healed. He is our wounded healer. Praised be Jesus Christ.”